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Interior design

Interior design projects for residences, commercial unites and foyers of multi-family buildings.

Authorisations, reports, documents and certificates

Authorisation of building works, technical reports, aluminous cement (CAC-R) tests in concrete structures, certificates of occupancy, energy certificates (ICAEN) and others.

Remodelling projects

Comprehensive remodelling and renovation of multi-unit buildings and detached houses (including farmhouses and cottages), commercial buildings, building foyers; installation of lifts in existing buildings; studies and projects of building pathologies; studies and projects on the elimination of architectural barriers. Projects of façades, interior patios and community spaces within buildings.

Project and construction management

Preparation of comparative budgets for and management of materials, suppliers, personnel, etc., needed for the project, ensuring compliance with the stated objectives of planning, cost and quality. Coordination and control of the progress of work and contractors to ensure that the various materials, suppliers and personnel are on site at the right time and meet the agreed-upon deadlines. Management of final documentation for the delivery of the finished work: certifications, activation of utilities, etc. Post-project assistance.

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