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I graduated with a Superior Architect degree at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (1990-1995), which was then accredited in 2005 by the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) as Technical Architect. I continued my studies at UPC and achieved a Masters in Restoring Architectural Monuments (1998-2000). Following that I did a post-graduate course in architectural project management and works at the CAATEEB (2014), in addition to other complementary courses in the same centre.


After working for five years at the Studi Status Studio (Barcelona), doing remodelling and interior design (2003-2008), I began working as project manager for architecture and interior design projects where I collaborated closely with architect Jordi Gendrau. 

In 2012 I become part of the Elix Group, where my main focus was on interior design involving project management, coordination with Health & Safety and Quality Control for a number of projects in Barcelona. At the end of 2012 I returned to my personal projects and worked with Jordi Gendrau, architect and structural engineer; engineer David Pavón and photographer María Pujol, among others.

Our projects covered everything from developing interior design concepts to a full comprehensive remodeling of residences, community buildings and commercial sites, and involved planning and managing of the works.

Past work in Spain

Between 2000 and 2002 I was involved in various jobs and worked on projects starting from scratch, refurbishing and carrying out 2D and 3D surveying for architects including Teresa Rumeu Milá, Itziar González Virós and José Ontiveros.

Work in Venezuela

In 1996 and 1997 I was a member of JAP Ingenieros Consultores and AXES Arquitectos Asociados where I carried out detailed engineering works, full delivery of projects and planning of service stations for PDVSA and Elecven companies.


Throughout my career, I’ve combined my work as an architect with that of photography, mainly in the field of travel photography and shooting performances and shows. While my first passion is architecture, my second is photography, especially in the travel and performance areas.

In Barcelona, I currently collaborate with Timeout magazine, making photographs of shows. Previously I collaborated with the production company Posto Nove and in Venezuela I made several photographic projects for HM Record’s. I also collaborated with photographer Edgar Moreno in the assembly of exhibitions and installations, in Caracas and Havana.

Part of my portfolio can be seen on Flickr at:

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