Project details

Place: Barcelona

Client: Private

Date: October 2017

Colaborators: Jordi Gendrau Julià. Estructura

Fotographs: María Pujol

Comprehensive housing reform of 100 m2 in the neighborhood of “Poble Nou”. The clients wanted to unify the spaces destined to the living room and kitchen to turn it into a single office type environment with integrated bar, lounge and dining room. They also wanted 4 rooms and two full bathrooms.

In order to meet the needs of the property, a structural downturn was made between the gallery and one of the rooms, in order to redistribute all the original distribution and get the most out of all the spaces proposed. All the necessary procedures were managed with the community of owners, tenants and the administration.

All the new installations were realized, air conditioning by pipelines, the carpentry, the false ceilings, bathrooms, laundry and pavements of the house.

Interior design and technical project, direction and management.

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