Project details

Location: Barcelona

Client: Private Owner

Date: April 2015

Collaborators: Jordi Gendrau Julià. Structure

Photos: María Pujol

Comprehensive remodelling of a 90m2 apartment in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood requiring planning, direction and management of the work.  The brief from the clients was to create a light and airy common area for socialising with an integrated bar, living room and dining room. To do so the bedroom, living room and kitchen were merged into one. New and larger windows replaced the old ones.

In order to carry out the work and due diligence, all of the necessary paperwork was done and presented to the association of owners, renters and administration of the building. A technical plan was also created in order to knock down the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and one of the bedrooms.

New electric wiring, gas and water pipes, internal woodwork as well as new flooring and false ceilings were installed. The bathrooms and laundry room were also newly fitted.

The concept, proposal and management of the work were carried out by teleconference as the clients live outside of Spain.

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